KU Quarterly Workplace Culture Summit

Prevent the Hidden Workplace Factors that Cause Employee Disengagement

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  • Is your organization working hard to ensure employee engagement – while also navigating high rates of organizational change and intense workloads?
  • Are you seeing some of your best employees starting to pull back – or even quit – and wondering how you missed the daily experiences that led to these decisions?
  • Have you ever left a job, after giving it all you had – because it seemed like all of your hard work, great ideas and missed kids’ soccer games went unappreciated?

Help ensure your employees understand the purpose of their work, feel valued and receive the information and support they need to do their best.

This research-based, interactive session, will help you define and eradicate four often unrecognized workplace contributors to the onset of individual employee frustration and underperformance:


Unclear or conflicting tasks, responsibilities or multiple job roles can cause a struggle to balance or prioritize competing tasks. Recognize and practice using the types of messages and resources that provide role clarity and help employees manage role conflicts.



Too many tasks or too many difficult or time-consuming tasks can be a challenge for small teams - especially for your high-performing employees who often get asked to help others. Learn how to spot and address role overload before it’s too late.


Joining an organization as a new hire, or stepping up into a promotion is rife with everyday identity and relationship challenges. Learn how to more effectively support newly hired and newly promoted employees as they step into their new roles.



Employee engagement is actually NOT an individual trait – rather it is an outcome of employees’ experiences with the organization. Explore reasons for potential disconnect between the types of support managers typically provide to employees and what employees actually need to stay engaged.

Event Details

Wednesday, September 18, 2019
7:45 a.m. - check-in, light breakfast will be served
8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. - presentation
BEST Building Room 135
KU Edwards Campus

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Who should attend?

Kansas City area business unit managers, organizational leaders, project managers and talent development/HR professionals who want to improve their ability to build a culture of open communication, productivity and well-being that positively impacts the bottom line.


Angie Pastorek, PhD, is program director and lead faculty member for the graduate programs in organizational communication at the University of Kansas Edwards Campus in Overland Park, Kansas. Prior to joining KU, Angie spent over 10 years in a variety of corporate employee development and internal communication/consulting roles for companies including Deloitte and Siemens Healthcare.

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